Social Licence & Planning in Coastal Communities

This research will establish the expectations and roles of stakeholders involved in achieving sustainable aquaculture by:

  • advancing mechanisms to enhance global leadership in the theory and practice of societally-endorsed sustainable aquaculture
  • anticipating and addressing occupational health and safety hazards in marine and coastal work associated with aquaculture and its interactions with other marine uses
  • improving the understanding of other areas of concern that affect social licence: farmed escapes, waste generation and the relationship between aquaculture and commercial fishing
  • filling a significant gap in understanding the ecological and social carrying capacity for finfish aquaculture to better predict feasibility of siting locations
  • mobilizing knowledge on the processes, parameters and implementation tools essential for an adaptive, dynamic community-based marine spatial planning system for a societally endorsed, sustainable aquaculture

The research will produce regionally vital information for a rapidly developing aquaculture sector, leading to an enhanced understanding of social licence, regulation and resource sharing. 

Principal investigators:

  • Lucia Fanning, Dalhousie University
  • Charles Mather, Memorial University of Newfoundland