Spatial Dynamics of Valued Atlantic Groundfish

This research will tackle the challenges of assessing and maintaining sustainable, high-valued groundfish fisheries during a period of rapid ocean change. Scientists will define the spatiotemporal movements of high-value Atlantic halibut stocks and recovering northern cod populations by linking animal tracking (pop-up satellite tags, acoustic tagging, accelerometry, receiver arrays and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles) with genomic information. This work will characterize stock structure, distribution, movement, spawning and survival within the Northwest Atlantic. 

Understanding likely movements, distributions and sub-stock structure of these species contributes to supporting economic growth. This information is relevant to fishing industries planning future investments in their operations. The work will explore the market consequences of improved stock and sub-stock delineation for consumer-driven certification schemes. It will also compare scientific knowledge with local fisher information regarding status and trends in these socio-economically important groundfish species.

Principal investigators:

  • Sara Iverson, Ocean Tracking Network
  • Aaron MacNeil, Dalhousie University
  • Jonathan Fisher, Memorial University of Newfoundland