International Postdoctoral Program

The OFI International Postdoctoral Program is seeking recent Ph.D. graduates for a unique Post-Doctoral appointment in ocean studies focused on the North Atlantic. The term of the award is two years; successful candidates will spend 12 months at Dalhousie and 12 months at one of our Partner Institutions in Europe or the United States. Applications will be received until Jan. 31, 2018.

About the Program 

The OFI International Postdoctoral Program is a transnational program offering an opportunity to be a part of leading teams of expert researchers on innovative research projects related to OFI’s research themes.

Postdoctoral fellowships are for two-year terms, and applicants are expected to spend half of the award period at Dalhousie and the other half at one of OFI’s formal international partner institutions. The program will involve research collaboration among principal investigators. It will enable post-doctoral fellows to spend periods of time at both institutions and enable them to benefit from increased exposure to diverse research approaches.

Eligible international partners are:

  1. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
  2. Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (Columbia University)
  3. GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
  4. Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
  5. Alfred Wegener Institute
  6. Norwegian Institute of Marine Research
  7. LabexMER, France
  8. Marine Institute of Ireland


Scholars who will have completed all of the requirements of their PhD degree program by the program start date and within the last four years (all courses, thesis, defence, and final submission of thesis copies to the university) are eligible to begin an OFI Postdoctoral Fellowship. Those who have not yet defended their theses are not eligible.

Funding & Duration 

Terms: The awards are for two years and are non-renewable. The award provides for CAD$55,000/year in salary, and up to CAD$20,000 for benefits (including health), travel and living costs.

Number of Awards: There will be a maximum of 10 fellowships active at any time.

Field: Research areas must align with OFI research.

Appointment & Application Process

Deadline: Jan. 31, 2018)

Step 1 – Identify research supervisors at both institutions - A necessary first step is to contact researchers at both Dalhousie and at an OFI partner institution who will be willing to serve as mentors. The researchers must have demonstrated expertise in the research area and experience to serve as a faculty supervisor or research mentor.

Step 2 – Prepare and submit an application

An application will consist of the following:

  1. Proposed research program – maximum of two pages, including names and affiliations for each of your proposed supervisors and mentors;
  2. Plan and timelines for the award period -maximum of 1 page; should detail dates for proposed time periods at each institution and the major research activities to be performed in each location.
  3. Curriculum vitae outlining educational background, publication record, and work experiences
  4. A one-page summary of doctoral dissertation and a copy of transcripts from your Ph.D. program.
  5. Three Reference Letters submitted directly by the letter writers under separate cover
  6. One-page statements from each proposed supervisor detailing their interest in and support of the research project as well as your fit for the research program, submitted under separate cover by the proposed supervisors.

Submit your application and supporting documents to ofi@dal.ca

Selection Criteria

  • Excellence of the proposed research program, especially the fit to OFI research program.
  • Excellence of the candidate
  • Excellence of the mentor at the partner institution
  • Excellence of the faculty member at Dalhousie

Once the review committee makes a decision, successful applicants will be notified with necessary next steps. Decisions will be made by 15 March, 2018, and the earliest start date would be April 1, 2018. Please note that Dalhousie University is committed to fostering a collegial culture grounded in diversity and inclusiveness. The university encourages applications from Aboriginal people, persons with a disability, racially visible persons, women, persons of minority sexual orientations and gender identities, and all candidates who would contribute to the diversity of our community.

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