OFI partnered with Canada's Ocean Supercluster and Innovacorp in Round 4 of the OFI Seed Fund.

OFI partnered with Canada's Ocean Supercluster to fund the following:

  • Hansen Johnson - Development of a Whale Aerial Sampling Platform (WASP)
  • Mike Smit - Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Ocean Observing: Exploring the Potential for Partnership in Atlantic Canada
  • Israat Haque - A Programmable and Efficient Underwater Internet of Things (uiOt) to Measure Ocean Dynamics

OFI partnered with  Innovacorp to fund the following:

  • Julie LaRoche - Design and application of environmental-gene panels targeting aquatic and marine microbes: Proof of concept with 48 gene targets
  • Anneke ten Doeschate - Ocean Turbulence During High Wind Conditions on the Scotian Shelf

OFI funded the following:


  • Owen Sherwood - Understanding the nitrogen isotope biogeochemistry of sewage wastewater for use as bioindicators in the marine environment
  • David Barclay - Passive acoustic detection and monitoring of hydrothermal vents
  • David Barclay - Autonomous hovercraft for acoustic monitoring of tidal energy devices
  • Mab Speelman - Reducing Bacterial Contamination of Mixotrophic Algal Cultures through Differential Treatment with UVC
  • Jessica Bennett - Evaluating Emerging Ultraviolet Technologies for Novel Disinfection Treatment Systems in Open Net-pen Salmon Aquaculture
  • Mita Dasog - Solar Desalination using Plasmonic Interfaces
  • Elizabeth Glithero - Building a National Ocean Literacy Strategy
  • Sara Seck - Women of the Arctic Ocean:Exploring the Intersection of Gender, Indigeneity and the Law of the Sea in the Canadian Arctic


  • Ali Nasiri - Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing for Improved Safety and Service Life in Harsh Marine Environment
  • Oscar De Silva - Deep Learning for Sea Ice Image Semantic Segmentation
  • Shannon Bayse - Using luminescent twine to improve conservation goals in the Canadian snow crab pot fishery
  • Surendra Kumar - Omics approaches for prevention and control of infectious disease in cleaner fish using blood derived exosomes     
  • Joost Verhoeven - Development of a rapid, low-cost method for the discovery and surveillance of viruses at the land-sea surface
  • Max Liboiron - Movement of microplastics from land to sea in an urban waterway in St. John’s Newfoundland