Shape the future of the ocean

The Ocean Frontier Institute is developing a unique opportunity for those embarking on a Masters or PHD. This network will prepare candidates for futures beyond academia, through hands-on learning, internships, and "soft" skills needed to be successful.

Advantages of this new opportunity:

- Gain the best possible well-rounded education with career, leadership skills and knowledge to operate at the very cutting edge of research

- Benefit from scientific excellence and expertise of supervisors drawn from across hosting partners in Atlantic Canada and internationally

- Unlock a network hub of leading ocean experts and potential jobs

- Take advantage of opportunities to conduct experiments in world-class facilities in a collaborative and rich training environment

- Acquire valuable work experience to become world-leaders in chosen careers

- Get support to fast-track your growth by acquiring essential skills for future careers

- Be part of a cohort of like-minded post graduate students and vibrant community of students, researchers, and professionals, a clustering of research and an ever-growing entrepreneurial ecosystem

- Become an ocean frontier graduate network ambassador – mentor honours under-graduates (or Masters students), provide on-line/help sessions to prospective students, and facilitate “Atlantic Ocean stories” recruiting-outreach seminars 

Watch this space for information about how to apply.