Shape the future of the ocean

The Ocean Frontier Institute is developing a unique opportunity for those embarking on a Masters or PHD. This network, tentatively called OGEN - The Ocean Graduate Excellence Network 

is an exceptional opportunity to change the world for the better through hands-on ocean research. We bring together the best to learn, research, network, collaborate and make a real difference academically, commercially, and governmentally.

Research beyond academia 

All research is important, but our focus is on making the leap from hard research to real world applications. It’s a critical time in ocean research, and we train our students to communicate the benefits of their research to people outside of the academic world.

Full Spectrum Experience 

 From hands-on research to cross-university collaboration, our program offers a complete experience.

Cross-university collaboration                            Entrepreneurship training
Multi-disciplinary exposure                                Internships
Indigenous training                                            Soft skills training
Summer field school                                          Sea safety training
Sea time &/or community time                         Joint seminar series
Annual conference

Extraordinary Opportunity 

This is an opportunity to join a community of exceptional researchers and universities. Our funded PhD positions will be granted to the best and brightest candidates, and our program will give our applicants the inside track for applying their knowledge to industry, government, NGOs and academia. 

Watch this space for information about how to apply. Email Simeon.Roberts@dal.ca for more information.