Deadline: midnight October 28, 2019

The OFI Seed Fund supports ocean-related projects that offer high potential for innovation success but need small amounts of funding to help them move forward — and grow.  

OFI is pleased to partner with Canada's Ocean Supercluster and Innovacorp in Round 4 of the 

OFI Seed Fund.

The OFI Seed Fund

The Seed Fund supports innovative projects that have the potential to advance research, commercial or social concepts relating to the ocean. For example: 

  • conducting preliminary ocean research or feasibility studies
  • testing new approaches or developing prototypes that advance marine science 
  • developing a new concept, idea, or opportunity in support of ocean sustainability 


Applications are welcomed from current faculty, students and post docs at Dalhousie University and/or Memorial University of Newfoundland who are conducting research related to OFI priorities. The fund cannot be used to supplement OFI's large research projects currently under way.  

How to Apply

Seed Fund recipients: helping ideas grow

Since 2018, the OFI Seed Fund has provided 45 projects with financial support helping to advance innovative ideas in research, commercial and social concepts relating to the ocean in such areas as engineering, biology, aquaculture, environment and earth sciences.

What past recipients say about the Seed Fund:

I appreciated the flexibility of the Seed Fund program, not tied to any particular outcome, just pure, fundamental science
Great opportunity for projects that have large potential but no opportunity to be funded by traditional institution

Most recent projects from March 2019 call:

From Dalhousie University ... 

  • Aaron MacNeil, Biology   

Robust Compliance Estimation in Fisheries Science

  • Anneke ten Doeschate, Oceanography   

Quantification of Ocean Turbulence in the Upper Ocean with Autonomous Vehicles – Bedford Basin Pilot experiment

  • Megan Bailey, Marine Affairs   

Identification of community priorities for marine planning in Nunatsiavut through collaborative qualitative analysis

  • Robert Beiko, Computer Science    

Environmental DNA by design: Building and validating a protocol for biodiversity assessment and linkage with sensor data

  • Debany Fonseca Pereira Batista, Ocean Sciences   

A novel 15N2 – Gas Infusion Gill Apparatus (15N-GIGA) as a unifying solution for accurate and sensitive measurements of marine nitrogen fixation

  • Zhenyu Cheng, Microbiology and Immunology

Biodegradable plastic production by the novel marine heterotrophic diazotroph Candidatus Thalassolituus halegoni isolated from the coastal waters of Nova Scotia

  • Vittorio Maselli, Earth Sciences

Reconstructing Storminess and Extreme Wave Events in Atlantic Canada

  • Pedram Sadeghian, Civil and Resource Engineering

Feasibility study of the use of improved autogenous self-healing mechanism for cracks in concrete structures exposed to marine environment 

  • Krysta Sutton, Resource and Environmental Studies

Telling Coastal Stories: Using Narrative to Frame How We Communicate Coastal Adaptation”

  • Kristin Doering, Oceanography

Phytoplankton productivity and nutrient distribution in the Labrador Sea: Comparing recent warming with past warm phases 

  • Samsul Islam, Industrial Engineering

Mapping of commodity characteristics using ship tracking data for mitigating the impact of natural disasters on local communities 

  • Leigh Howarth, Oceanography

Developing a macroalgae ‘bioindicator’ to monitor natural and anthropogenic sources of nitrogen 

From Memorial University ...

  • Weimin Huang, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Sea Ice Smart Sensing from GNSS-R Data Using a Deep Learning Method 

  • Jon Fisher, Fisheries Ecosystems Research

Testing an industrial vessel of opportunity model for ship-time access to survey Canadian Arctic gateway ecosystems using baited remote underwater video 

  • Raymond Thomas, Science & the Environment

Heart Healthy Salmon: Assessment of polar lipid extracts from farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) for the development of cardioprotective nutraceuticals

1st Round Projects

2nd Round Projects