November 17-18, 2020

OFI has reached its mid-point, with our research poised to be more relevant than ever. In the context of Canada’s throne speech, our discussion will focus on how OFI can contribute to the goal of achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2050, Ocean Sustainability, and on fostering the Blue Economy.  

The United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development officially begins in January - a critical time to profile the relevance of OFI work in the national and international context.    

Join us for presentations and workshops supporting work toward OFI Blue Papers on the Blue Economy and Carbon Neutrality,  demonstrating how OFI can catalyse this critical conversation, with impact regionally, nationally, and internationally in the coming decade. 

Keynote speaker: Nina Jensen, from REV OCEAN

The role of science, data,and technology in achieving a sustainable global ocean 

The ocean provides us with oxygen, food, energy, and regulates our climate, however ocean health is deteriorating quickly. We need improved knowledge and tools to achieve a sustainable global ocean. This must be built around comprehensive use of ocean data and technology, such as satellites, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence for near real time data collection, research, monitoring, enforcement and improved decision-making. 

Join Nina Jensen for her perspective on this topic. She is the CEO of REV Ocean, the world’s largest privately funded Research and Expedition Vessel (REV) currently under construction. Its onboard equipment will be available for scientists, NGOs, policy makers, innovators, engineers and marine stakeholders. This includes scientific trawls, laboratories, a lecture auditorium, moonpool, sub-marine, advanced communication equipment and a high-tech incinerator system for plastic waste. All REV Ocean initiatives are based on open collaboration and partnerships with relevant stakeholders, working toward the same common goal – preserving our ocean.  

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