Visiting Fellows Program

Encouraging trans-national training, builds better ocean leaders 

“Atlantic Canada is quickly becoming a centre of excellence for all things related to the ocean — from applying new management processes that enable the fishing and aquaculture industry to help feed a hungry world, to creating new businesses through investments in ocean tech,” says Gita Narayan, OFI’s Transnational Program Coordinator. “To help fuel this growth, we need to develop top research talent — training and developing future ocean leaders who will help us generate economic benefits from the ocean in a way that’s also responsible to our environment.”

OFI's Visiting Fellows program provides opportunities for ocean experts to study and work at Dalhousie or Memorial University, while also enabling researchers based at those universities to gain experience with internationally-based research projects.

“There are enormous benefits to be gained through a program that provides both outgoing and incoming options,” said Gita. “From a recruitment perspective, we have the opportunity to ‘test drive’ new talent and show them what Atlantic Canada has to offer. From a retention perspective, we send a strong message that Atlantic's Canada's leading universities are investing in the career development of its existing researchers.” 

The January 2019 call is now closed; the next call for applications will occur in the fall, 2019 

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