OFI researchers are in the news, informing the public about their work and educating all about the ocean 

— its challenges and the benefits it can provide for our environment, economy and communities. 

Sep 26, 2019

New study by OFI researcher provides a potential solution to malnutrition in coastal nations

A new paper by OFI researcher Aaron MacNeil published in the journal Nature demonstrates the health benefits of local fishing for poor coastal nations.

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Sep 24, 2019

OFI researcher writes for The Conversation

An article by OFI researcher Dr. Jonathan Fisher was recently featured in The Conversation, where Jonathan shares his experience from a recent 26-day Arctic research cruise.

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Sep 12, 2019

OFI CEO Wendy Watson-Wright featured in EurOcean 2019 Conference Report

OFI CEO Wendy Watson-Wright was recently featured in a report on the EurOcean 2019 Conference, where she moderated a session on bringing sea basin communities together.

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Sep 12, 2019

Ocean School nominated for the Japan Prize in the Digital Media Division

OFI’s Ocean School has been nominated for the Japan Prize in the Digital Media Division.

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Sep 06, 2019

OFI Scientific Director Featured in the News

OFI Scientific Director Dr. Anya Waite was featured in the news Thursday, including interviews in The Star, The Chronicle Herald, CBC Radio on Mainstreet, and CBC News.

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Aug 15, 2019

OFI Research Module deploys to Baffin Island

Dr. Paul Winger has a field team currently deployed in the Arctic for several weeks this summer working on fisheries development in the community of Kimmirut.

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