OFI-led project uses satellites to track endangered right whales in real-time

There’s a new tool in the fight to save the endangered right whale and it comes from the final frontier — space.

A research team led by Dalhousie PhD candidate Olivia Pisano and supervisor Dr. Boris Worm has just received $1.1 million from Canada’s smartWhales initiative (led by the Canadian Space Agency) to track endangered right whales in real-time using satellites.

The project will link with one of OFI's Large Research Projects: Future-proofing Marine Protected Area Networks (MPAs), aiming to help ‘climate-proof’ MPA networks through dynamic management.

The team is partnering with local company Global Spatial Technology Solutions, in collaboration with DeepSenseBritish Antarctic Survey, and Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science.

Read the full story about the award, project, and new partnership here.