OFI Hiring Two Full-time Employees in Oceanography

OFI is looking to fill two full-time, grant-paid positions in Oceanography as part of the Research Implementation Unit (RIU).

Time Series Manager; 2 year term, full-time

Reporting to the RIU Manager, the RIU Time Series Manager will oversee the day-to-day field and laboratory activities. These activities require attention to detail to ensure that measurements over time are intercomparable. One example of a time series we maintain is a collaboration with Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) in which we sample in Bedford Basin every week. The Time Series Manager will oversee and participate in the collection of data and water samples, and the processing of the water samples upon return to Dalhousie. Key to the success of all time series activities is engaging stakeholders and maintaining collaborative relationships internal and external to Dalhousie. The Time Series Manager will work closely with DFO for future planning exercises.

Deadline to apply is August 29, 2019. See the full posting here.

Ocean Imaging Specialist; 2 year term, full-time

Reporting to the OFI RIU Manager, with strategic and operational direction from the OFI Scientific Director, the RIU Ocean Imaging (OI) Specialist will be an integral part of field and laboratory operations. The OI Specialist will be responsible for creating a plan for the Ocean Imaging Centre, maintaining imagine systems, develop methodologies, participate in expeditions, and train students and researchers.

Deadline to apply is September 16, 2019. See the full posting here.