OFI Research Module deploys to Baffin Island

Dr. Paul Winger has a field team currently deployed in the Arctic for several weeks this summer working on fisheries development in the community of Kimmirut. The work is taking place on Baffin Island inside Canada’s Arctic. Dr. Winger is one of the principal investigators with an OFI project called  “Sustainable Capture Fisheries & their Ecosystems.” This project is co-led by Winger and two other researchers from MUN, Noel Cadigan and Jonathan Fisher. The research will help Canada meet fisheries sustainability goals by providing novel, computer-model based assessments of specific cold-water fish stocks and their ecosystems. It will also develop innovative technologies and strategies for fishing in the rapidly changing ecosystems of the Northwest Atlantic and Canadian Arctic Gateway. This research will significantly improve scientific advice to support successful and sustainable fisheries management in Canada and abroad. Learn more here.