OFI Scientific Director Featured in the News

OFI Scientific Director Dr. Anya Waite was featured in the news Thursday, including interviews in The Star, The Chronicle Herald, CBC Radio on Mainstreet, and CBC News. In the interviews Dr. Waite discussed the impact of hurricanes on our coastal communities in light of rising sea levels and hurricane Dorian. “In Nova Scotia, 70 per cent of our population lives in coastal communities and we are actually going to be experiencing the greatest local sea level rise in all of Atlantic Canada,” said Dr. Waite. “For us, it’s hugely important what our response is.”  

Dr. Waite also discussed options for combatting extreme weather events moving forward: “Who’s actually going to do that work is a huge civic discussion that we need to have. Is it industries that are benefiting from selling of greenhouse gases? Is it we the oil-addicted public who need to pay for our addiction? Or is it a whole group of us that need to come together and find solutions? I’m in favour of the latter.”

The full stories can be found at the links below:

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