Shape the Future of the Ocean

The Ocean Frontier Institute has developed a unique opportunity for those embarking on a Masters or PhD. This network is called  OGEN - The Ocean Graduate Excellence Network 

Uniting excellent graduate training with industry and government, OGEN builds a unique research nexus, poised to shape the future of ocean research in Canada and beyond.
It is an exceptional opportunity to change the world for the better through hands-on ocean research. We bring together the best to learn, research, network, collaborate and make a real difference academically, commercially, and governmentally.

Research Beyond Academia

All research is important, but our focus is on making the leap from hard research to real world applications. It’s a critical time in ocean research, and we train our students to communicate the benefits of their research to people outside of the academic world.

  • Research to support societal needs
  • Training at sea and with industry and government partners
  • Training in communicating research benefits to nonacademic stakeholders

Full Spectrum Experience

 From hands-on research to cross-university collaboration, our program offers a complete experience.

  • Cross-university collaboration
  • Internships
  • Indigenous training
  • Practical skills training
  • Seminar series, workshops, conferences and summer schools
  • Multi-disciplinary opportunities
  • Entrepreneurship training

Extraordinary Opportunity

OGEN re-imagines and amplifies the impact of our partner universities’ degree programs, unlocking novel career opportunities. 

  • Community of dynamic world-class researchers and universities
  • Skill sets to apply knowledge to industry, government, NGOs, and academia
  • Fully funded PhDs and additional support for Masters

This is an opportunity to join a community of exceptional researchers and universities. Our funded PhD positions will be granted to the best and brightest candidates.

Watch this space for information about how to apply. Email Simeon.Roberts@dal.ca for more information.