Through stakeholder consultation and research-based workshops, the project is gaining momentum — harnessing information that helps us understand the challenges facing our coastal communities, while identifying a path forward that reflects the needs of the communities whose economy, and culture, is impacted by the sea. 

Project Update

In August 2018 scientists, academics and community members met in order to report on, and update, their work in support of the OFI research module, Safe Navigation and Environmental Protection. The purpose of the workshop was to explore the context and issues for the work, and assist investigators to fine-tune research directions.

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Research issue identification

Policy perspectives

Moderator: Luc Brisebois, Executive Director, Legislative, Regulatory and International Affairs, Transport Canada

Stakeholder perspectives of shipping

Moderator: Ann Mowatt, Atlantic Regional Director General, Transport Canada

Occupational health and safety issues

Moderator: Desai Shan, OFI Post-Doctoral Fellow, Dalhousie University

Environmental impacts of shipping

Moderator: Michelle Adams, School of Resource and Environmental Studies, Dalhousie University

Policy and Management Applications 

Marine spatial planning; lessons for Canada

Moderator: Claudio Aporta, Marine Affairs Program, Dalhousie University

Indigenous rights and shipping

Moderator: Rosanne D’Orazio, Qikiqtani Inuit Association

Maritime regulation

Moderator: Kevin Quigley, MacEachen Institute for Public Policy and Governance, Dalhousie University