The Ocean Frontier Institute is focused on understanding key aspects of ocean and ecosystem change and developing strategic and effective solutions that can be applied both locally and globally. OFI’s aim is to conduct research that advances policy decisions and advances the development of a blue — and sustainable — economy. 

Spatial Dynamics of Valued Atlantic Groundfish

Using acoustic tracking, genetic testing, and the social sciences of fisheries management, this research on Northern cod and Atlantic halibut supports the development of more responsive and sustainable fisheries.

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Sustainable Capture Fisheries & their Ecosystems

This research investigates cold-water fisheries and their ecosystems. By effectively evaluating the exploitation of fish stocks and other ecosystem impacts, the research will also identify steps that can be taken to sustainably manage fisheries through more accurate assessments and sustainable harvesting methods.

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Transforming Ocean Observations

​This research will develop and deploy measurement systems on commercial vessels and make use of — and contribute to — advances in ocean observation associated with autonomous marine platforms.

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